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Moving in rhythm is an activity that men have always practiced in a more or less elaborate way.

In the current context of hyper normalization, the individual feels cut off from his physical and sensory resources.
Yet the need for movement is always present.

The clumsiness or gene that some people sometimes show in their movements is often the consequence of an educational and social system that restricts the body and sometimes the mind.

The rhythm and the movement, means of discovery of the body, positively transform the psychological and physiological states of the individual. The emotion is created by the gesture as much as expressed by him.

To perceive the movement through an emotion and conversely the effect of the emotion on the amplitude of the movement allows in a trilogy "heart, body, head" to rediscover his body by freeing the spirit and to go towards a personal fullness .

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Prepare your body for dancing
To dance is to play an instrument that is his body.
He would not come to the idea of an instrumentalist, pianist or otherwise, to play without knowing or without adjusting his instrument. However, a large number of people approach Argentine tango and dances as a couple neglecting body consciousness, without having settled their "instrument". The result is bad postures, inelegant, sometimes caricatural, always compensated by force.Throughout classes and practices these people perfect bad habits at the risk of damaging their joints

The Body Consciousness workshop is intended for all dance dancers in couples, beginners or experienced (Argentine tango, Latin dances, standard dances, salsa, rock) who wish to prepare their bodies to perform more elegantly and easily the attitudes and the choreographies specific to the different dances.

To acquire, to develop the ease of the body
Manager, speaker, speaker, candidate for a job or exam, theater or film actor, sighing for a marriage proposal, everyone is brought to the audience or audience one day. The precision of the gesture, the fluidity of the movements, the good physical behavior as well as a controlled breathing express an insurance which represents a differentiating asset in a professional and private context.

The "Body Consciousness" workshop is also intended for people wishing to acquire or develop their bodily fluency.

Rhythmic movements accessible to all
Simple rhythmic movements executed with precision can gradually find address and freedom of movement. They release the body, soften the muscles gently, improve coordination, balance and synchronization. They allow to acquire a bodily ease and consequently a natural elegance. They rediscover new bodily sensations and the pleasure of expressing emotions through movement. These rhythmic movements make it possible to make the link between the movements of the body, the music and the emotion

For the same rhythmic movement, each one, according to his personal experience, finds the depth of sensation that suits him.



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